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A real estate agent employed to work in the best interests of a buyer in a real estate transaction. The agent's loyalties are with the buyer. It is the agent's duty to share any information about the property or sellers that may help the buyer make decisions regarding the transaction.

Agent status must be disclosed to all parties.


A qualified, competent Realtor will help you navigate the myriad of decisions that arise when buying, renting or leasing any type of residential or commercial real property. An experienced Buyer's Agent provides assistance, insights and value in many ways:  

  • Creates a personalized search profile taking your wants and needs into account.
  • Explaines in detail and guides you step by step through the real estate buying, renting or leasing process as it is applicable in the State of New York.
  • Locates, researches and qualifies all suitable properties matching your search profile.
  • Organizes and books all viewing appointments taking your schedules into account.
  • Accompanies you to all property viewings.
  • Provides a security buffer between you, the Sellers' Agent and property owner.
  • Lays out all possible scenarious for you and offers viable solutions.
  • Can save you money and time by helping you to avoid problems to begin with.
  • Provides you with all the possible options and opportunities without holding back.
  • Always has only your interests in mind so you always have someone on your side.
  • Adds experience and expertise in all aspects of the realty buying process.
  • Has the knowledge to help you ask the right questions.
  • Makes sure you receive answers in a timely fashion.
  • Brings a network of known, trusted real estate professionals and service providers to the table. If your agent doesn't have the answer, he or she likely knows someone who does.
  • Can handle and advise on all price and contract negotiations.
  • Gathers, prepares, processes and handles all neccessary paperwork.
  • Assists you and your attorney during the closing.
  • Supplies you with moving tips and can recommend reliable service providers.
  • Explaines the advantages of Home Warranties for real estate buyers. 
  • Your time is valuable. A real estate agent allows you to spend your time how you want.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions about my buyer's services or would like to make arrangements for a no obligation home buyer's consultation.


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